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About Disaster-ERP

After 35+ years in the Business, we know how important is is to be proactive.
Disaster-ERP is an extensive prevention program that ensures a rapid response when disaster strikes. Disaster-ERP provides a comprehensive response plan prior to any disaster by collecting data specific to your commercial or residential needs. This cloud based, web accessible system ensures that your business will not suffer because of an unnecessary interruption or escalated costs. Pre-planning ensures that mitigation resources are available when you need them. For 30 years, United Restoration Services Inc. has provided customers with service that takes you away from it all, so you can relax.

Together we gather and catalogue your site-specific information that is needed to ensure a rapid response when disaster strikes.
Our Emergency Response Managers have access to your site-specific information directly from their tablets 24/7/365
  • We become an integral part of your Disaster Response Plan by meeting with building administrators to collect site-specific information about your property and business including: electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc… developing a comprehensive emergency response and recovery plan prior to any emergency.
  • This archive of information is accessible by you at any time through our cloud-based technology, allowing you to use our system from your mobile device to catalogue additional information to manage your facilities, including maintenance schedules, suppliers and more.
  • Pre-planning ensures that emergency mitigation resources are available to you when you need them and at pre-established rates. This is most critical when resources are scarce during larger catastrophic events (floods, fires, wind, etc.) which are becoming more frequent and severe in nature.
  • Avoid unnecessary business interruption and escalating costs during a disaster by pre-registering with us under our Emergency Response Protocols.

Actions taken immediately and through the first 24-36 hours are critical to minimize loss.

  • 40% of business never reopen after experiencing a disaster and anoter 25% of surviving businesses will shut down within 2 years. Having an Emergency Response Management Plan and emergency partner in place is essential.
  • It is not realistic to assume that any business is immune to natural or man-made disasters, especially with the increasing number of severe weater events. The ones that survive plan their response to a disaster before it strikes.
  • Call us to register on our Emergency Response Program and together we can protect your future.
  • When a disaster strikes, our emergency crews access their mobile devices to obtain the information they need to deploy response protocols specific to your site – 24/7/365.
  • As experts in property damage emergency response protocols, we have the mitigation equipment and trained certified personnel to service all your needs when there is an emergency to get you back in business as quickly as possible.

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